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MTA Messtechnik


Abhyudaya Project Management LLP presents MTA Pipe Inspector, a revolutionary technique for conditional assessment in potable water pipeline @ HMWSSB, Hyderabad and Raipur

Autonomous CCTV and Leak DetectionKnowledge Partner MTA Messatechnik

  • Pressurised water pipelines
  • Pressurised sewer rising mains
  • Waste water gravity sewers
  • Stormwater mains
  • Hydropower
  • Industrial applications
The Pipe Inspector unit is introduced into a pipe via an existing air valve or similar entry with typically no excavation or pipe-cutting required. Due to the unit’s autonomous operation, it can traverse continuous sections of up to 50kms of water mains or rising sewer mains per insertion (or up to 10+kms of gravity sewer).
In addition to detecting leaks, Pipe Inspector can also detect gas and air pockets, record pressure along the full length of the pipe under inspection, and measure turbidity, temperature and conductivity.Pipe Inspector easily navigates around 90 degree bends, operates in up to 100bar pressure environments, incorporates a high definition (HD) camera for internal inspection, and can be applied in typically hard-to-reach pipes such as under highways, at airports or in other access sensitive locations.
  • No disruption to supply
  • Can investigate up to 50km of pressurised pipelines
  • Can investigate up to 10+kms open /gravity sewer and stormwater pipes
  • Inspects pipe sizes ranging from DN 150 – DN 3000 (open sewers DN 150 – DN 3000)
  • No pre-cleaning of pipelines is required (including sewers)
  • Records optical HD image quality CCTV for post examination
  • Records optical HD image quality CCTV for post examination
  • High sensitivity leak detection to the smallest leaks
  • Allows for demand-oriented cleaning of sewers only at points with large deposits and where it is necessary
  • Records visual details such as installation fittings, connectors, peaks, low points and damage
  • A self-floating device (for sewer)
  • Self-levelling device (for pressurised pipes)
  • Provides continuous data from inside a pipeline
  • An optical HD camera provides for visual and audible signals of images for recording and analysing
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